The Web, 1960s.

$45.00 - Sold out

Image of The Web, 1960s. Image of The Web, 1960s. Image of The Web, 1960s. Image of The Web, 1960s. Image of The Web, 1960s.

Blue beret with dark iridescent beads in the pattern of a web.

Label: Does not have a true label, just a 22 sizing label.

Condition: Fair/Poor. This hat is ready to wear, and freshly cleaned & steamed. This hat presents beautifully and is ready to enjoy!

Flaws: Multiple flaws, few rust type stains that did not come out with cleaning. Severe fading, looks like it was well loved and worn. You can see the blue it used to be when you look on the inside tuck. Wrinkles & fading throughout, and does not come out with steaming or cleaning. Please understand this piece is sold AS Is, by purchasing this hat you understand this hats issues. But you see the beauty always. Price reflects condition.

Size: 22", tilt open sizing.
Please note: Model in photo has a 21" head.

* All hats are perfectly packaged, just as a gift from my collection to yours!

* Hats are named after my favorite Film Noir Movies, and I truly hope you enjoy the femme fatale nostalgia of Polished Raven Hats. Each and every hat has its own personality, just as the wearer!

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